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School of Film Advancement

SOFA – School of Film Advancement invites eight young film agents each year for a series of three workshops in Warsaw, Tbilisi and Vilnius. (The August 2020 workshop, the first of the 2020/21 series was moved on line.) The programme’s key feature is its unique target group: upcoming film professionals from Middle and Eastern Europe, Germany, Greece, Israel, Central Asia and the republics of the Caucasus.


March 2021, Tbilisi, Georgia
October 2021, Vilnius, Lithuania
November 2021, Warsaw, Poland

SOFA takes up to eight film initiators, cultural managers, entrepreneurs, facilitators and catalysts with unique project ideas in the audiovisual world. The participants selected are trained in three short workshops in various creative ways to reach local and international cinema-goers and are given the opportunity to make connections beyond borders. With the help of experienced lecturers, SOFA participants receive tailor-made coaching, enabling them to realise their dream project in an efficient manner.

SOFA is for professionals with previous experience in cultural management from Central or Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the republics of South Caucasus, Greece, Israel, Germany, or the MENA region.

Learning outcomes