Project development / Script development / Production


FILM+ is a guidance, support and work lab for film makers. Projects are selected for potential, regardless of genre (be it fiction, animation, documentary, experimental) or development phase (script development, production or post-production).

Dates: Representatives of selected projects meet this in a one-week bootcamp that includes masterclasses, individual guidance sessions and laboratories held by leading professionals from the region. Each project has a specific timeline and work schedule tailored to its needs. The programme also includes new masterclasses and mixed working sessions in the first half of 2022.
FILM+ offers guidance, support and a work lab for film makers. It supports works with significant potential, irrespective of their genre (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental, video art) and stage of development (script development, production, post-production). Whether it is script writing, directing, cinematography, editing, sound, production, distribution or promotion, Film+ supports each project based on its specific needs and the available resources and those of its partners, consultants and industry contributors.

Applicants choose between three Labs:
  • Development,
  • Production or
  • Work in progress.

For the Production and Work in Progress sections only micro-budget projects are eligible (a total budget below EUR 30,000). Should a selected project obtain other grants or public financing that will raise the budget above this sum, the project will no longer be eligible for FILM+ support.

The Development section is dedicated to projects in the early stages of the script development (treatment or first draft). The selected projects will receive assistance and support for script crafting by the appointed tutors in order to develop the participant’s creativity and improve the final package. They will also learn to develop strategies for accessing funding for production. The project’s budget is not a subject of eligibility.

The Production section aims to support projects that are in a more advanced stage of development (final draft) and already have financial and in kind resources required for the actual production (either in services, equipment, team members and / or finance, sponsors, etc.). FILM + does not provide financial funding for movies and does not support projects that do not already have some of the resources needed in place. The support provided by FILM + consists in guidance for production and artistic concept (script, direction, photography etc), depending on the specific needs of each project.  FILM + will complement the already existing resources with shooting, sound or other technical equipment, and with staff  members for the technical and creative team.  The budget of the film should not exceed EUR 30,000. The maximum length of short films can be 40 minutes.

The Work in progress section offers support for already shot but unfinished projects. Support for  the selected projects consists of storytelling advising in the editing phase, sound design, color corrections or sound mixing services, graphics, DCP creation, as well as distribution and festival strategy guidance. The budget of the film should not exceed EUR 30,000 Euro in total. The maximum length of short films will be 40 minutes.

The common requirements (eligibility criteria) for the 2020-2021 edition were: 
  • to be produced in one of the following countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova or Serbia;
  • the film must be made with low budget (a budget of less than EUR 30,000, excluding any in kind investment);
  • to not have received previous funding from any major state institution (such as national film centres), and to not be produced by a large film production company;
  • the submitted project can refer to a short film (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental) or a first feature film;
  • the directors and producers should not have made any feature films up to the date of submission.
  • of any genre, regardless of their development stage (script development, production, post-production).
Requirements Short film projects of any genre, regardless of their development stage (script development, production, post-production).

Film length must not exceed 40 minutes.