Project development / Post-production


This "idea-to-market" project development programme is a residential, project-based programme targeting and tailoring its content for emerging television professionals – both creative teams and development executives - coming from the Central and Eastern European region. It is the only project-based programme of this kind accepting mini-, digital / web series, as well as ongoing series projects.

Pre-Training for DE participants: April 26​–27, 2021
Workshop 1: May 3–14, 2021, online
Workshop 2: July 19–30, 2021, online
Workshop 3: 15-21 November 2021, TallinnEstonia / in collaboration with Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event
Application deadline: 31 January 2020

The training also includes four online consultations with tutors in between the workshops.

The programme focuses on participants primarily coming from Central-Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Baltic countries and the wider Mediterranean area, with a possible background in filmmaking or with previous experience in TV writing, wanting to shift to quality television production. 

MIDPOINT TV Launch spans 9 months, focusing on the development of the 6 broadcast and 3 web / digital series participating projects.

The projects go through thorough and effective development process, and are built from the “bottom-up”: from a very early development stage, the creative teams are led to defining their series concept and theme and outlining their pilot scripts at Workshop 1, to completing their pilots and creating their season arc and season outlines, as well as pitching documents and a financing strategy at Workshop 2, to marketing and pitching their project and expanding their network at Workshop 3. The projects are showcased and pitched within the within the Season Finale platform in Tallinn, Estonia..

Each project is accepted with a creative team of writer/s and producer/s.

The participants are divided into 3 groups per 3 projects, to ensure that all projects receive a significant amount of the core tutor’s attention and guidance, but they will also have the option of receiving cultural exchange and feedback from their fellow participants: Groups A & B for traditional / broadcast series projects and C for digital / web series projects.

General development executive methodology

The entire development process is used as a platform to train the attending development executive participants, who will be trained for their future role of broadcasters on real, existing series projects, acquiring skills needed for developing a diverse range of projects.

The development executives are trained by both their own tutor, who supervises their entire learning process and us present at all workshops, but they are also exposed to and work with a number of other TV Launch tutors (mainly the group’s core tutors), to understand the different approaches and strategies that can be used while developing scripted television series. They will be assigned to groups and will work closely with the projects in their group, following all sessions during the program.

By doing this, the development executive participants will learn how to read and give notes to a project, and most importantly, how to give constructive feedback to the creative teams to push them forward in their development. They will witness the different stages of development of the projects up to the final pitching event.

The workshop uses group work, individual consultations, tutorial analysis, lectures, presentation of experts and pitching as its methodological tools. The participants will also be actively writing during the workshop working days, under the supervision of the tutors. Thus, participants leave the workshop with actual results and progressed materials.
Target groupProducers, Scriptwriters, Development Executives
Junior | Intermediate