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Reinvent Film Markets

NEXT WAVE is aimed at committed young professionals with a collaborative, creative, and entrepreneurial mindset and with backgrounds in film sales, distribution, exhibition, festivals and curatorship, marketing or audience development.

Dates: October-June

NEXT WAVE’s goal is to train participants in the essential skills required to master the current infrastructure, as well as in the mindsets needed to build viable new business models for future sales and distribution. The programme wishes to encourage the participants to create new marketing and communication methods and develop original audience engagement strategies.

Participants gain business knowledge, practical expertise, and strategic skills, while expanding their international networks.The programme aims to disrupt professional “silos” and current educational patterns. A powerful component of NEXT WAVE is the bringing-together of established industries and tech/start-up firms in order to spark innovation.

The course covers:

- Past, current and future exploitation patterns and release strategies;
- The impact of streaming and the role of intermediaries;
- Digital forms of marketing, data-driven strategies;
- Curatorship across all media, audience development and the building of cinephile communities;
- Market norms, business structures, and methods used in the start-up world.

NEXT WAVE is designed and run by the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB); the partner film schools are the French National Film School (La Femis) and the National Film School of Denmark. The programme is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA and Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg.
Target groupProfessionals from film sales, distribution, exhibition, marketing, curatorship, audience development, production
For applicants from low capacity countries
Includes travel to festivals/markets in other countries and monthly public transport ticket in Berlin.
Included for the trips outside Germany.