Digital & multimedia / Post-production / Animation

Visual Effects (VFX)

The VFX course is a 17-week programme which takes the participants through the whole VFX pipeline and confers the right knowledge, skills and confidence as a VFX generalist.

Dates: 16 August - 10 December, 2021
            Application deadline for 2021: 7 July 2021

This course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to create photo realistic computer graphics and integrate them seamlessly with live action footage. This will range from set extensions through vehicles. In addition to exercises, they work on a personal project throughout the course. The instructors help participants define and shape their project using recorded live action footage.

Each week consists of artistic and technical lectures, film analysis, assignments, evaluations, one-on-one/group critiques and tutoring, and production simulation. At the end of the course, the instructors are happy to give showreel advice, and participatns are ready to start to work immediately as VFX generalists for film or animation studios.

Software used: Maya, Nuke, Arnold, Mari, Photoshop, 3D Equalizer, and Substance Painter.

Participants work on their own projects throughout the course. 

Target groupPost-production professionals, New media content providers, Animation professionals
Without project
Intermediate | Junior
Scholarships are available.
Scholarships are available.
Scholarships are available.