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Art Cinema = Action + Management

The Arthouse Cinema Training (ACAM) is the only international workshop programme specifically dedicated to arthouse and independent cinema exhibitors, gathering professionals from all over the world.
In a context of rapid technological and business model changes, and strong competition with diverse forms of entertainment, this training programme offers trainees a place to reflect on their practices and learn from the experiences of dozens of top-notch professionals.

The course is divided into 2 sessions: one for Junior participants and one for Executives. Trainees share lectures and panel discussion, but each group will also have its own programme, with a (Re)Startyour cinema workshop for Juniors and one-to-one mentoring sessions for Executives, based on their specific professional challenges.

The programme includes:

• Networking with colleagues and cinema professionals;

• Mentoring sessions on specific problems;

• In-depth workshops covering diverse topics, such as: green cinema, innovation models for arthouse exhibition, digital marketing and data analysis, business planning and budgeting, technological evolution in cinema exhibition.

• Best practices, insights and tips

• Panel discussions and roundtables on important themes for the industry.
Target groupExhibitors, Festival managers, Distributors & sales agents
Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
1,650/1,950 (1,650: Executives Session, 1,950: Juniors Session. Inc. accreditation for Venice Film Festival.) Fees for 2020 tbc as of March 2020
Scholarships available.
Local transport in Venice included. Transport to/from Venice not included.
Included Single room on San Servolo Island. Rebate available of EUR 25 per day for room sharing option.
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