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EKRAN+, organised by Wajda Studio and Wajda School, is a training programme focusing on the creative pre-production process and based on shooting practice.
EKRAN+ is a 22-day project-based professional training programme, primarily designed for directors/writer-directors, and focusing on the vision of their future film. Their vision is elaborated through the combination of three major elements: the script, the audiovisual components and the collaboration with the other professionals involved in the shooting of the film.

EKRAN+ focuses participants on exploring, identifying and refining the tone and visual language of film. EKRAN+ aims to advance participants’ treatments/scripts and produce two scenes from each script/ treatment.

Every participating project is represented by a Creative Team consisting of a director (or writer/director), a writer (or co-writer), a director of photography and producer.

The EKRAN+ process includes:
  • Treatment and / or script development; group and individual work on scripts and / or treatments.
  • Preparation for shooting; casting, storyboard and individual consultancies with tutors.
  • Shooting; tutors’ shooting expertise and help from casting directors, set designers and production managers.
  • Editing; consultancies with a supervisor.
  • Evaluation; group and tutor analysis of the produced scenes.

The creative team (director, screenwriter, and producer) are offered a choice of locations, actors and set design within the usual logistical and budgetary constraints. EKRAN+ supports the shooting with the help and expertise of casting directors, set designers and production managers.
Target groupProducers, Scriptwriters, Directors, Cinematographers
Requirements Experience, project in development, track record.
Included Breakfast and lunch included.