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Post-production / Production


APostLab helps producers, post-production supervisors and others working in the industry improve how they manage their projects; technically, creatively and in terms of storytelling. From beginning to end, from budget to workflow and planning, from specific technical knowledge to international co-production – APostLab provides the skills.

The APostLab Annual Workshop is a 6-day training course involving plenary sessions, group work, and individual consultation with trainers. During this intensive training participants get a better understanding of the technical, financial, and creative aspects of post-production with a focus on the challenges of the international co-production environment, leading up to a detailed post-production plan, schedule and budget for each project. The workshop is conducted in English.

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the course has been converted into an online training course in a way that is designed to creat a training experience that is more than just a long list of Zoom calls or webinars. Groups will be smaller (3 instead of 2), sessions have been reworked to be shorter, there will be more breaks and the workshop is spread over more days to limit continous screentime. .

There will be a Virtual Coffee Machine and more time will be spent on coaching and one-on-one time between participants trainers/coaches to keep the interactivity at the highest possible level.

We will offer streaming options for participants that can’t come to the meeting event. For the live meeting we will have a Covid-manager present to maintain & guard the Covid-safety measures. Please note that we may decide to cancel the meeting event completely depending on how Covid-19 develops worldwide.

Target groupProducers, Post-production supervisors

The workshop is open for:
• producers with an internationally co-produced feature film, documentary or TV-series in the stage of development, financing or pre-production, and
• post-production supervisors, working independently or with an organization.

Project-based, Without project
Intermediate | Senior
1,280 with project; 1,040 without project