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FRAME courses develop and strengthen the community of European and international professionals working in the audiovisual archive fields.

FRAME Access, online: 3-4 June & 7-9 June 2021
FRAME Tech, online: 17-24 November 2021

FRAME courses:

- Update and develop professionals’ competencies and knowledge all along their career; 
- Present and promote inspiring projects, examples and best practices;
- Give an overview of the latest practices and sector trends;
- Build a common language and shared professional practices.

FRAME Access gives an overview of the different options for promoting archive content to an audience, as well as the means (documentation system and practices, legal environment...) an archive owns to improve its content management and accessibility.

In 2021, it will propose theoretical or feedback presentations, case studies and participative workshops, to enable participants to explore different access models, discover how to design an editorial strategy, or to address issues of rights management and documentation

FRAME courses are organised in conjunction with FIAT/IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives) and EBU Academy (European Broadcasting Union).

FRAME Expert - FRAME Expert is 1/2 day thematic workshop organized during the FIAT/IFTA world conference, and aiming in priority at top managers. The FIAT/IFTA conference was held online from 19-21 October 2021.

FRAME Tech enables participants to improve their essential technical knowledge of audiovisual archives while addressing the most recent challenges:

  • How to technically take into account the new uses and the increasing number of audiovisual file formats?
  • What are the challenges for quality control in a context of massive digitisation and native digital production?
  • How to store and manage an ever-growing volume of data?
  • How Open Source tools can contribute to the sustainability of audiovisual collections?
  • What's new in image and sound digitisation and restoration?
Target groupProducers, Content developers, Exhibitors, Lawyers, Archivist, Documentalist, Cataloger, Project Manager, Technical supervisor, Media manager
Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
700 350 for scholarship holders
Included Lunches only.