Project development / Documentary / Audience development, marketing, distribution & exhibition

Impact Producers Lab

The Impact Producers Lab is an extension – and natural development – of the global Good Pitch programme, which includes creative mentorship, filmmaker workshops and labs, online resources, and a series of unique live events devised and organised by DOC SOCIETY and hosted in different cities across the world.

A four-day immersive workshop where selected filmmakers pore over case studies and dissect effective strategies for using independent documentary film as a tool for social or environmental change.

Working with the Good Pitch Outreach team the selected filmmakers imagine how their film could be put to the service of movements and reach audiences that matter.

The labs are training a new generation of Impact Producers, the team responsible for maximizing a film’s potential for social change. These are individuals from the worlds of film production and distribution, campaigning, journalism, legal and marketing & PR.

A new professional class, the Impact Producer's role varies based on the film content and defined distribution goals, but often includes overseeing a combination of strategy development, issue mapping, braintrust facilitation, semi-theatrical screening facilitation, organizational partnership development and management, digital content production and engagement, and evaluation and impact measurement.
Target groupProducers, Post-production professionals, Scriptwriters, Directors, Cinematographers, Content developers, Animation professionals, Lawyers


Junior | Intermediate | Senior