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Inside Pictures

A film business training programme for senior producers and executives.

The programme aims to support the development of an ever-stronger European film industry and to develop world-class leaders to continue driving this industry forward. 

Dates: 6-11 June 2021, London or online
           19-24 September 2021, Los Angeles or online
           15-19 November 2021, London or online
           12-13 January 2022, London or online

           Application deadline: 14 March 2020


The programme is suited to those already working in feature films. It may also benefit those working an associated creative industry, such as television, if they have transferable skills and are committed to a career in film.They might be running your own company or be encouraged to apply by their employer. To benefit most from this programme, participants need a minimum of 8 years’ proven business experience in film or a related creative industry which may include, but is not limited to, the following fields: production, development, acquisitions, directing, marketing, distribution, exhibition, advertising, sales, legal, talent representation and finance. 

Participants need to be able to demonstrate a proven track record in their area of expertise, strong business and talent relationships, a motivation to succeed, entrepreneurial skills and a commitment to the European film industry. They should also consider whether a programme which has an LA component is the right fit for them.

Inside Pictures is for senior film executives who have a minimum of 8 years experience in the industry and committed to working in and with the European film industry.

Module 1 takes participants through each stage of the film value chain from a European film industry perspective, including development, financing and packaging to production, marketing, sales, distribution and home entertainment. They will hear first hand from top executives working in all these areas.

Module 2 takes participants you to the heart of the US film industry, and covers both the studio and independent system. Participants hear from experienced executives from across the value chain and experience at first hand the strategic and business-like approach of professionals working in Hollywood.

Module 3 is focused on business development and personal growth with sessions on:
Getting Your Way in Negotiations
Understanding Yourself as a Leader with facilitated understanding of Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator
Setting Business and Personal Aims & Objectives
Case Studies from business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Module 4 Participants pitch their projects to a panel of top-level film executives from around Europe, and receive both oral and written feedback. At the Graduation Reception, participants are presented with a certificate certifying their successful completion of the course.
Learning outcomesCutting-edge 360 degree industry knowledge, business skills, an enhanced profile and network.
Target groupProducers, Distributors & sales agents, Post-production professionals, Funders & financiers, Exhibitors, Lawyers


: www.facebook.com/insidepictures
Twitter: www.twitter.com/inside_pictures


Without project
7500 Reduced fee of 6100 if module 2 cannot take place in L.A.
Scholarships available upon application and at the discretion of the programme directors.
Included Contribution towards UK travel and accommodation for non-UK participants coming to London, contribution to LA travel costs for all participants.
During modules, most breakfasts and lunches are covered by the programme. Some formal dinners are covered (min 1 per module).
Included Only accommodation for one week in LA is covered by the programme.