Project development

MFI Script 2 Film

An advanced script and project development programme.

MFI Script 2 Film Workshops offer an advanced training programme which provides a platform for the effective script and project development of European & international feature films. It consists of consists of 2 on-location workshop sessions and 2 online sessions per year.


2-16 July, 2021, Nisyros, Greece
August/September 2020 (two weeks), online
10-17 October 2021, Rhodes, Greece
December 2021 (two weeks), online

Application deadline: 5 April 2021

The intensive 1st session consists of presentations, group workshops, Q’&’A sessions, case studies & individual tutoring. Participants are divided in small groups of 5-6 projects (7-8 participants), each supervised by a trainer in script development.

The second, online session follows, taking place in four private internet forums hosted on MFI’s website. Each workshop group is placed in a private forum, accessible only with a special password assigned to the group’s members and their trainer. Participants are required to have progressed with their projects to the stage of an extensive re-write of their draft, ideally to produce a complete new draft. They “upload” their material to their group’s forum for trainers and fellow participants to read. Then, as in a residential session, group discussion on the projects begins.

The third session is again a residential one, focusing on the final re-writing process. Participants are required to deliver a fully revised script draft in time for all trainers and fellow group members to read. The session is designed as a workshop for a deep review and critique of the revised drafts.

The fourth workshop session is yet again an online one. Participants are expected to provide their final drafts so that their script development tutors can comment and provide feedback.

Project follow up
  • Prior to the fourth workshop session, a selection of MFI projects are presented in an actual industry venue through the European Co-production Forum CROSSROADS, organized by the Thessaloniki International Film Festival
  • In addition, after the end of the 2021 programme, 1 MFI project will be selected to participate in SOFIA MEETINGS Co-production Forum, organized by the Sofia International Film Festival
Target groupProducers, Scriptwriters, Directors, Script consultants, Commissioning editors
  • The programme is open to European & international creative teams (screenwriters, producers, directors) with a feature film, TV series or a documentary project in development
  • Furthermore, the programme is open to script development professionals without a project (screenwriters, script consultants, trainers, commissioning editors, producers, decision makers) wishing to undergo the script & project development training process.Participants without a project are incorporated to the activity as assistant trainers working next to the programs tutors for the development of participating scripts
  • Priority is given to projects with a producer / production company attached. 

Project-based, Without project
Junior | Intermediate | Senior
2000 Producers without a project: 1,500 for first residential session and online course; 500 for second residential session
Scholarship opportunities available.
Included For both residential sessions.
Included For both residential sessions.