Project development / Animation / Digital & multimedia / Television series / Web series

Scriptwriting and Concept Development

This course is devoted to the development of TV specials, TV series and web-based series. 

Dates: 19 April-02 July 2021

This course is run in partnership with The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. It is open to graduates and young professionals working in the animation sector.

This is an 11 week-long module which focuses on the writing and project development phases:

– writing a script for a TV special adapted from a work of young adult literature;
– development of a concept for a TV or web-based series.

Both exercises cover similar ground on the challenges posed by writing, mise en scène and methodology. Projects are developed in groups of 3 or 4.

The first 3-week exercise covers scriptwriting for a TV special. The second 7-week module covers concept development series. The course winds up with pitching sessions in front of a professional jury. The final week is spent at the the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market. Participation in this key event in the animation calendar enables those taking part to see for themselves the tremendous variety of films being produced all over the world, as well as offering the perfect opportunity to meet the biggest names on the global animation industry scene (cinema and audiovisual) and related sectors.
Target groupScriptwriters, Directors, Animation professionals
Requirements Some technical knowledge of scriptwriting, animation, story-boards or lay-out; students with qualifications in animation who are interested in a career in film directing. Key considerations are graphic design-related skills (ability to create a distinctive and original visual style) and a love and knowledge of the film and film-making world (a clear understanding of the key issues involved in narration and mise en scène).
Without project
Junior | Intermediate
Scholarships possible for non-French E.U. participants, reserved first for whose coming from low capacity countries; scholarships cover tuition fee and/or travel and subsistence