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Project development / Co-production


East European Scriptwriters Lab

ScripTeast is a project-based training programme designed specifically for scriptwriters from Eastern and Central Europe.


Stationary Workshop: Poland, September - October
Online Follow Up: October - December
Evaluation Session: at the Berlinale - February
2nd Online Follow Up: February - April
Final Session: Cannes Film Festival - May

This programme is built specifically to help writers perfect their scripts and take them to the international market, while also helping them develop skills that make it possible to navigate that market more freely. It will make the script better but it will also make a better professional out of the participant.

ScripTeast selects 10-12 best full-length theatrical feature film scripts that have been written by the best authors of Eastern and Central European origin, and helps to perfect them in terms of international potential, with assistance and advice from internationally acclaimed professionals.

The Programme’s Creative Advisors are internationally acclaimed scriptwriters, directors, producers and other professionals whose work has had an impact that reaches far beyond their own country, and who form a group comprising a variety of generations and cultural backgrounds. Among them there are two Heads of Studies, both experienced lecturers, who assist the Creative Advisors with methodological matters.

Target groupScriptwriters
Intermediate | Senior
800 EUR Includes festival accreditations. A second writer on the same projects pays the same fee, but must pay for their own travel, acommodation and subsistence as well.