Useful tips

Check the course websites. This Guide is not intended as a substitute, but as a first stop, one-stop shop.

Check deadlines and dates: they are subject to change. 

Unless otherwise indicated, proficiency in English is a prerequisite of all courses. Check with the course on the exact level of fluency required. 

Training fees not only vary from one training course to another, but do not always cover the same elements. Exact terms and conditions vary. The information on when travel, lodging and meals should be regarded as indicative.

Bursaries can often be provided by the training organisations or by local/regional/national authorities. Some courses can provide grants. The number and extent vary. The information about this should be regarded as indicative.

Check eligibility rules with the training organisation. The general rule is that participants must come from one of the countries participating in the Creative Europe MEDIA, i.e. the 28 EU Member States, and Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Republic of Serbia, Tunisia. You can find an up-to-date list at

 ladder Level
 financial Financial assistance
 accomodation Accomodation